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Does using E-cigs really offer a huge benefit over traditional smoking?

Healthcare professionals, government staff, parents, and others all argue over whether or not electronic cigarettes are hazardous, or whether they can be the answer to stopping the smoking epidemic. It’s not possible to claim that e-cigs are harmless, but with all the scientific research around, not many have looked into the possible cultural consequences or economic issues. So are electronic cigarettes really proving themselves to be a benefit?

Health Benefits

Many vapers would be happy to testify that electronic cigarettes have made them healthier. Chewing gum, nicotine patches, or quitting cold turkey just doesn’t produce results for many smokers. Yet now, these individuals have picked up electronic cigarettes instead, and have been vaping with eGo copies or cigalikes, and the idea of picking up another cigarette hasn’t even crossed their mind. Some people even manage to reduce the nicotine concentration in the electronic cigarettes, eventually quitting smoking altogether gradually. Some choose to just continue to vape in order to enjoy the sensation of the vapor hitting the back of their throat, along with the motions of smoking a cigarette.

Health Consequences

Nicotine is a chemical, a toxin, and not something you’d want to be around. It is capable of causing serious heart issues, just as bad as cigarette smoke and lung problems.

Some teenagers will think of electronic cigarettes as a “safe” alternative to smoking – all of the glamour with none of the health issues. While there may not be carcinogens (the results are still pending about this), there is still nicotine in the e-liquid used in electronic cigarettes, which may cause health issues, not to mention addiction. Just like cigarettes, teens should not be allowed access to e-cigs, nor may they purchase them, but that doesn’t stop adults from buying a few disposables or a starter for a teen when there’s a bit of money to be made on the side.

E-cigs come in all sorts of flavors, including fruit and other candy-like or sweet flavors, which may prompt teens who have never touched a cigarette to try vaping. This also affects adults the same way. E-liquid companies, in order to attract new customers to their products, brew up tasty combinations of flavors that provide new and delicious experiences for vapers. Some of them don’t even bother to make menthol or traditional tobacco flavors. For a user who has never liked the taste of tobacco or smell of it, e-liquids offer a completely different experience with flavors such as cherry coke and custard.

Balanced Decisions

The question remains, taking into consideration all of the pros and cons of the electronic cigarettes, if they can do more good than bad. And they just might – if parents are properly educated on what electronic cigarettes are, and vendors put in the effort to check ID cards and make sure they’re not selling to the wrong audience, then electronic cigarettes can truly do some real good.


Vaping E-Cig Financial Benefits

Electronic cigarettes simply cost less to use than traditional analog cigarettes, especially when comparing the cigalikes and vaping pen models. They seriously cut down the cost of a pack of cigarettes to about 1.50 per pack, a huge difference from the 4 to 6 dollars a smoker would be paying.

Not only do electronic cigarettes offer these benefits for the smoker, but they also create vaping shops, giving the unemployed new jobs to work at, and adding to local economies wherever they may exist.


Where to Buy?

There are hundreds upon hundreds of manufacturers that offer all sorts of devices. Each electronic cigarette comes with a few staples – in a starter kit, this would include the atomizer piece, the cartridge itself, the battery, and the charger. The cartridges can contain a wide variety of flavors as well as different concentrations of nicotine, depending on the smoker’s preferred number of packs smoked per day. A cartridge can contain as little as 0 mg of nicotine, or as much as 20 mg.

How to Assemble?

Assembling an electronic cigarette is a simple task. The battery must first be fully charged until the LED on the charger indicates it is topped off. Once the battery is ready, simply attach it to the atomizer, which is the “engine” of the electronic cigarette. It draws power from the battery to produce heat that can vaporize the e-liquid. Lastly, the cartridge and mouthpiece go on the bottom, where the vaper will put their mouth to the electronic cigarette.

How to use the best cartridge available?

Pick a flavor that you’re comfortable with, and when you’re starting out, you’ll want to stick to that flavor for a while. If you switch flavors too often, you may end up irritating your throat. Personally, I really enjoy the V2 Cigs line of cartridges, and you can check out the promo codes offered here to get some great discounts on their products. They even have a Vape 4 Free Program, where you can get 100% FREE electronic cigarettes, amongst other products.



V2 Batteries – Regular Batteries, and the Original Mini.

The minis are more like cigarettes, with small batteries on small cartridges to form the impression that the device being used is the same shape and size as a cigarette. These might weigh a bit more than a cigarette, and also be a bit longer.

The cig-alike is similar looking to smoking however, as many versions of it have a LED at the end that can light up in different colors to emulate the idea of smoking, but this will also allow others to realize that who they may think was a smoker is actually a vaper, and should not be regarded as creating secondhand smoke.

Disposable electronic cigarettes can now be purchased anywhere that a traditional cigarette can be found, such as at convenience stores and gas stations. Vapor4Life, Cigavette, and V2 Cigs are but a few brands that sell both their starter kits online, and at various brick and mortar stores across the nation. South Beach Smoke, Eversmoke, VaporFi are other manufacturers who also carry their starter kits online. Many companies may offer electronic cigarettes in various colors, with different colored tips as well.

V2 Pro Series 3 – the Vape Pen that does it all, for the most advanced of smokers.

The eGo battery is a larger battery that contains usually at least twice as much charge as a regular battery. If you have used a manual, then you know what this might be like – the eGo operates similarly with a button press. The button sometimes lights up instead of the tip, and most eGo cigarettes will hold as much e-Liquid as a mini, but usually more, as much as 50% more as a matter of fact.

v2 pro vape pen kit with e-liquid sampler

v2 pro vape pen kit with e-liquid sampler

The battery for an eGo model will usually last around 4 hours, although a 650 maH battery will last for 6 hours, and the 1000 mAH will last even longer than that. Joyetech, Kanger and Vision are some of the most well known names in the eGo cigarette industry.

Battery Tubes

The tube battery is next in the lineup. The base is no longer the battery here, and instead it’s where the vaper can choose the voltage and whether or not to turn their device on at – these are smart devices, as they can sense if there’s a circuitry issue or a battery inserted incorrectly, and will not try to draw power in these scenarios.

The battery tube is usually a bigger battery, 650 mAH or bigger, but there are also advanced personal vaporizers that have charges of 2000 mAH or more – that’s enough for two days or more of vaping. The mechanical versions of these devices do not have the smart control boards, but instead, rely on the vaper themselves to practice caution and good safety measures to keep themselves safe. A skilled vaper may even be able to change the resistance by wrapping the wires a bit looser or tighter, and not need to rely on the battery voltage so much.

These devices are also known as “mods”, and some of the famous brands include companies such as Smok, Innokin, and Joyetech. It’s only advised that the most advanced of vapers purchase battery tubes or mods.

What is the Cost of Vaping?

Many manufacturers will claim this – that vaping is indeed cheaper than smoking, that when you give up smoking analogs and make the switch to electronic, you’ll see great savings no matter which model you decide to go for. Some suggest you can save up to as much as a thousand dollars per year – but is this all just talk with no basis? Let’s find out.

A single pack of cigarettes can run anywhere between 6 dollars in some states for 20 cigarettes, and that can even be considered a good deal, since some states have taxes or regulations that cause the price to be in double digits. Usually purchasing cigarettes in large cartons proves to be a bit cheaper as well.

But many electronic cigarette companies claim that you can get about 1 and ½ packs to 2 packs of cigarettes worth of puffs on a battery and one cartridge. Could that really be true? Does a single cartridge really contain enough juice to be equivalent to as much as two packs of cigarettes?

Each company has a different standard for their product, so a direct comparison can be difficult. Some may feature slightly smaller or larger cartridges, and the batteries may be of different qualities. It is generally common to get around 1 and ½ packs worth of puffs from one cartridge, although sometimes there can be a shipping or filling error that results in an empty or under filled cartridge – let the company know and they should be more than happy to send out a replacement.

Cartridges usually cost just above $2 each, which works out to around $2 for a ml of e-Liquid. If we consider this to be equal to 1 and ½ packs of cigarettes, then it’s about 1.50 for a pack, in terms of electronic cigarettes. The price range will often vary quite a bit, from around $9 to $20 for each package of 5 cartridges, and the quality can fluctuate depending on the producer as well.

The Price of Vaping

Now take into consideration that the cartridge is naught but one part of this equation – there’s also a battery and atomizer to consider, and you’ll need to replace these parts every so often, usually around every half a year. So let’s say you purchased a starter with 2 batteries for 50 dollars, then each pack of cigarettes is about $3, if you consider that a 10 cartridge pack will equal to 15 packs of cigarettes. This costs less than smoking cigarettes, and this is just the start of your beautiful relationship with vaping.

Now consider that you bought an eGo device, and you’re also refilling a 2 mL clearomizer – that’ll cost about $10, and it can be rebuilt if you learn how, so only the atomizer portion will need to be replaced every now and then. The battery should hold decent charge, and this kit is $50, plus another $5 for a bottle of e-Liquid and another $5 for shipping costs. You’ve spent $60, and we’ll continue to consider that 1 ml of e-Liquid will provide as many puffs as 1 and ½ packs of cigarettes – that means you’ll get about 15 packs worth of cigarettes for 60 dollars, or 4 dollars per pack. And the more you continue to use this device, you’ll save even more as a good part of the cost was in the initial kit – you might see packs as low as $2 in the future with this set-up, or as you continue to get better and more skilled with electronic cigarettes, it might go as low as 50 cents for a pack of cigarettes.

You will need to consider that it does require electricity to charge up the battery, but even with that into consideration, it’s hard to argue against the logic that you’re paying somewhere between $1 and $3 for a pack of cigarettes. If you’re a heavier smoker, then the savings are really apparent each year – perhaps saving a thousand dollars could actually be possible!

V2 Standard e-Liquid Kit

This beginner’s kit includes 6 cartomizers, as well as a battery and a disposable e-cig.

You can upgrade this to a Standard Starter at 80 dollars, which includes 2 EX Batteries, 10 EX Cartomizers, and the charger necessary to operate this device. The Ultimate Package is just around 190 dollars, and will contain the classic Power Cig, but everything else is bigger and better, such as big Personal Carrying Case.

EX Starter Kit

Any standard kit with Classic V2 Cigs can be upgraded to EX Series by adding on a bit of additional money. One of these kits were designed for the EX Blanks only: for $80, you’ll get 2 batteries along with additional e-liquid.

EX Series

The V2 EX Series of E-Cigs is a new turning point in the industry brought to you by V2 to encourage their customers to try new offerings and continue to experience the best the company has to offer.

One of the biggest and most important changes is the LED Light Indicator – the traditional mini lights up at the tip when the vaper is ready to use it, and it functions as a battery indicator as well. However, this light also flashes as the battery runs low, to remind the user to recharge it. The flashing can confuse users however, as many companies also use a flashing light to represent a low vapor warning as well. And to add insult to injury, the tip is located on the far end away from the vaper, so they usually can’t even tell if the battery is low or if a new cartridge needs to be added.

The EX Series features little lights on the side of the cigarette like jewels which sparkle – there’s no flashing since the lights slowly go out one by one to indicate the battery level, and the signal is easy to interpret and see.

Battery Colors

The EX offers several classy shades that are just a bit more attractive than the classic versions. There’s carbon fiber, scarlet metallic, bloom, royale, and brushed steel colorations for each individual to decide how they would like to best customize their electronic cigarette. While most of the models use white LED lights to indicate the battery level, the bloom model features pink lights, and Royale, which resembles a playing card in some ways, uses red lights.

These batteries aren’t cheap, since they cost about $30 each, and the basic electronic cigarette battery will hold around 400 or more puffs for about 10 to 15 dollars, or perhaps even $20 for some of the more well-made ones. However, these batteries can’t be replaced, as only the EX Batteries will fit into EX Cartridges.

EX Cartomizers

These atomized cartridges have a clear viewing window on the side that displays the remaining level of e-Liquid available for the user. The feature is still being implemented, but users can look forward to seeing this in the future. These cartomizers contain twice as many puffs as the V2 Classic, so you can expect as many as 400 puffs out of each cartomizer.

The EX Series cartridges clock in at around $5, which is a bit more expensive than the classics. There are only 6 flavors in the pre-filled cartomizers however, whereas the standard lineup for V2 usually has about 10 flavors, not including any limited edition ones or special editions. There are 3 tobacco flavors, and 3 menthol flavors instead. These cartridges can also fit onto the classic batteries as well.




The Vaping Revolution: Basic Rechargeable and Disposable Cig-A-Like E-Cigarettes are Just The Beginning

Cigarettes are a life-threatening and dangerous habit, that threaten not only their own lives, but also the lives of those around them. Hookah on the other hand, is a safer hobby for both the environment and one’s health, but is cumbersome and not exactly portable. Cigarettes are portable and easy to move around. But enter electronic cigarettes into the scene – and now things are a bit different.

The electronic cigarette is powered by a battery, although some can also run off a USB that is stuck into a computer or a laptop. The modern electronic cigarette is broken down into two parts – the battery and the mouthpiece.

The mouthpiece contains two elements – the flavor cartridge and an atomizer, which heats up the liquid inside the cartridge to produce vapor. The cartridge contains e-Liquid, which is a blend of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavoring agents, and nicotine that produces a flavorful vapor cloud when heated. Some brands will combine these elements together into the cartomizer – this offers the consumer a more consistent experience, since the heating element is replaced regularly with the cartridge itself.

The battery is the other part, and it comes in a variety of sizes. It can be long, short, thin or thick. Generally speaking, a bigger battery holds more charge, and produces more vapor. A regular electronic cigarette will have a rating between 3.7 volts to 4.2 volts, although 4.2 volts can be a little hard to find, but it produces quite a generous amount of vapor.

Another device is the APV, or advanced personal vaporizer. These devices are more expensive and even larger, and intermediate to advanced users of electronic cigarettes may find these to be enjoyable, since they can decide how much heat is applied to the liquid, offering more control over their vaping experience.

Some companies prefer to keep a classic design on their products, sticking to the shapes that mimic the traditional cigarette, with an end that lights up similar to the traditional cigarette. Even the packaging looks similar to a traditional cigarette, featuring a pack or carton design. Many brands also choose to make their products stand out, by using bright colors or metallic effects to be a bit more eye catching. These are hard to mistake for cigarettes, which can be beneficial if the vaper is using their device in a public area where smoking is prohibited. They also produce vapor instead of smoke, which has no scent and is not irritating.

Many companies will produce starter kits, which are a good way for the new user to get into the electronic cigarette game. These usually feature essentials such as the battery and cartomizer, along with accessories such as USB charging cables or PCCs, at a cheaper price. Buying a kit Is usually an economical and budget friendly option! Many companies also produce compatible devices – that is to say, their devices are compatible with parts manufactured by other companies.

Some companies will offer their kits and accessories separate from one another, but the most complex kits will usually contain a good selection of accessories, like a car charger, carry case, USB cigarette, etc.

Lastly, the E-Juice is an important factor as well. Every user has their own favorites and will recommend or endorse different flavors from a wide variety of companies. Some brands do not allow their cartridges to be refilled, so the user will always need to use pre-filled cartridges. Cartridges that can be refilled offer more customization, as well as the ability to buy dropper bottles of e-Liquid for cheaper refilling – this is a more eco-friendly option as well.