Cheap Flights

Planning and shopping for air fares can be quite frustrating at times as airfares keep changing frequently without any particular rhyme or cause.

The truth is – your time is too precious to be spending before a computer screen for several hours looking out for great deals. Our motive is to demystify the mystery of shopping for cheap airfares, so let’s have a sneak peek into how to find the best deal of cheap flights!

Some of the most prominent and time-tested tips that can land you with the cheapest flight deals are penned underneath for planning your future travel!

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Cheapest Day to Fly – Wednesday

As per the historical airfare database most inexpensive day to fly is Wednesday, Tuesday and Saturday. The first flight in the morning is the cheapest time to plan for which you need to get ready by 5 am. So are you ready to spoil your sleep?

Ideal time to buy Air Tickets

The best day and time to purchase air tickets and shop for domestic travel is Tuesday at 3pm.  You need to be extra careful as majority of discounted air tickets are pulled back on Thursdays, so buying tickets on the weekends can be costly affair.

Buy Ticket for One Passenger First

You should shop for airline tickets for one person initially to save on tickets for two or more persons on the same route. Do purchase your tickets in two transactions to get the best deal — a small hassle will save you hundreds of dollars.

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Understand How Airlines Price Tickets

I am sure you must have discussed to your seatmate about the ticket charges and that you must not have shelled out the same amount for the same ticket as your seatmate! Very unusual!

It is quite normal that shopping for air tickets in the morning can ask for one price and the same air ticket if you try an hour later will cost you another price! It all depends on how well you understand how the airline ticket system works! Doing a quality research to understand the factors influencing the fare can work for you. If you’re lucky on finding the right strategy of selling airline tickets you can have the best bet!

Check on Low Cost Airlines

There are a few low price airlines i.e. Ryanair, Southwest etc. where you must try your luck. Don’t forget to check fees for airline bags on European low cost airlines as it may become costly for you if you don’t pack light bags.

Fly in First Class at Coach Prices

Domestic American airlines offers myriads of discounted first class airfare often termed as “Y-Ups”. This facility may benefit you and you may get much cheaper than even last minute emergency purchases.

Flexibility is Schedule can Really Pay

You may be willing to fly on specific time and month of the year due to various reasons. That means you are not availing the ‘departure flexibility’ option. But you can still utilize the ‘destination flexibility’ option. You may not change your timing but can change the destinations, and one destination can be much cheaper than other destinations. So maintain a flexible mind set and don’t stuck on a desired destination – be adventurous and not rigid.

Avoid Airlines’ Peak Travel Surcharges

When availability of seats is in short supply, say for example in summer season, airlines try to get the best business to charge a premium price for these seats. In these seasons the ticket prices rises calling it ‘peak travel surcharges’. You need to keep an eye on this aspect and avoid flying on those departure dates that are being hit with premium tickets.

Don’t Shop Too Early

It has been discovered that airlines start selling cheaper seats not earlier than 3-4 months from the flights for domestic tour and 4-5 months for international flights. If you try to buy tickets before or after this timing you may be striking a bad deal.

Technology can Monitor Price Trends

There are so many social sites, tools and technologies that can notify you exactly the time and date when the prices drop on all the airlines, in real-time. Leveraging these sites and tools can also help you get the cheap flight tickets.

Fly from a Nearby City

Larger airports and more facilities mean more competition. It may often ask you to overpay by hundreds of dollars often if you are booking your tickets from a bigger airport. It’s better to rely on some nearly bigger “hub” city to get the best prices saving you several dollars.

Eye for Emergency Flights

When advance booking of a flight doesn’t reach the full capacity, they often offer the remaining vacant seats on discounted rates. This type of emergency last minute seats can be available for 10 days before the actual date of flight and the cheapest of it will be a day before the flight. So be vigilant to grab such opportunity.

Use Email Alerts

You should subscribe for alerts to get the information of flight tickets through email. Weekly email from specific airlines will keep you updated on the lowest fares. It will allow you to have the information when the flight to specific place drops in price. Examples of these sites may include Smartertravel and TripAdvisor.

Identify the Most inexpensive Payment Gateway

It is advisable to book online instead of via an agent or call centre. As online booking will charge you the actual price but otherwise any third party would ask for extra charges. Paying through credit card can also ask for a fee for the privilege, which can actually be avoided. Use those sites that accept debit cards.


Albeit there are thousands of regular flights flying to diverse destinations, finding the best deal in terms of cheap air fare can still be a daunting task often if you are not experienced enough to deal with this industry! With the advent of technology, options have multiplied and there is no dearth of ways to find out the cheapest air tickets! Hopefully this piece of information would help you strike the best deal of cheap air tickets.